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As the VPs of Internal Affairs, we welcome you to join us during the biannual NYU Beta Phi Chi Theta Rush Week. PCT is a national, professional fraternity with a community focused on supporting members through college and beyond. Every person is unique and the PCT community works to encourage each individual to academically, professionally, and personally succeed.

Through the PCT pledge process, you will go through some of the hardest difficulties, both mentally and physically. But through the course of the semester, you will also experience some of the best experiences. Pledging allows you to also build some of the best friendships in your college years. The friendships made will last a lifetime. The brotherhood and sisterhood developed will become reliable sources both through the pledging process and more.

We, as VPs of Internal Affairs, are dedicated to walking with you through the entire process to ensure that the journey of pledging is one that helps you develop both personally and professionally. The brothers and sisters of PCT are a diverse group. One of our biggest focuses is going beyond the norm and breaking the status quo.  

Thank you for your interest in the fraternity of Phi Chi Theta. We welcome you and hope to see you soon.


Sophie Wang and Bonnie Liu | Vice Presidents of Internal Affairs 


Recruitment Information


At Phi Chi Theta, we pride ourselves on the individualized and well-rounded attention that we provide to every member and pledge. As a small and tight-knit community, we can tailor the experience of each member with specific feedback and help. 

Creating a Large, Valuable Network

  • Phi Chi Theta alumni from across the country continue to be active within the fraternity. Alumni often visit to give advice to our current members and provide insight on their successful career paths after graduation. 
  • Newly crossed sisters are formally paired with an "Alumni Mentor" to help provide more inside into industries that they have interest in.
  • Notable past events with alumni in attendance include our annual Alumni Mingle, Women's Corporate Mingle, Alumni Panel, and many more. 

Variety of Career Opportunities

  • Phi Chi Theta consists of a diverse group of individuals with a wide-range of different interests and life goals.
  • In the past, members have pursued careers in industries such as: Actuarial Science, Consulting, Finance, Information Systems/Technology, Investment Banking, Management, Marketing, Software Development, just to name a few! 
  • Feel free to reach out and talk to any of our current members to learn more about what inspired them to pursue their current career paths.


  • Phi Chi Theta members volunteer for a variety of events every year. We are active participants for Relay for Life and New York Cares Day, two of the largest service events at New York University. 
  • The OpenSight program is an internal initiative started by Phi Chi Theta alumni who recognized the need for better cultural integration of immigrant children. The program is in partnership with various elementary schools in Manhattan. With the program, members create fun activities and visit schools each week to teach young students more topics such as sharing, holidays, customs, etc.

Lifelong Friendships

  • Phi Chi Theta provides its members with a close-knit community within a large university.
  • Members do not only help each other grow professionally, but they also build strong, long-lasting friendships.

Recruitment CALENDAR

Interested in becoming a member of Phi Chi Theta? Rush Week is the perfect opportunity to learn more about our fraternity and mingle with our sisters and brothers.

See the below calendar for our Recruitment Week events. Be sure to attend at least four out of our six events to be seriously considered for a bid. If you have scheduling conflicts with any of these event times, please email as soon as possible.

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Applications are due no later than 10:00PM (EST) on Thursday, February 8th. Please send all applications to, along with your resume and a recent portrait of you. We look forward to reviewing them!

Please click here to access our application.


For more information, and to stay updated on all rush events, please join our Facebook Event!